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Selecting Fabric for Create a Bed

Before you head out shopping for that perfect fabric for your new custom bedding item, please take a moment to read our bedding fabric selection guide.

Not all fabrics are suitable for bedding and pillows.  We recommend that you select fabrics that are easy to care for, lightweight and breathable.  Cottons and rayons are great choices.  Polyesters do not allow for proper breathing and colors may fade over time.  Silks and synthetic blends may require special care, such as dry cleaning.  Consult your fabric provider's care instructions for proper care of any fabric that you select.

You will want to choose a good quality fabric.  Cottons, linen blends and flannel are great types of fabric for comforters and bed covers because they are durable. Avoid fabrics made of silk, wool and burlap, they are uncomfortable and they don't last as long.

Inspect your fabric before you ship it to us.  Roll your fabric out on a flat surface and inspect it for stains, discolorations and imperfections.  If you find any problems, exchange or return the fabric.  The Bed Studio is not responsible for fabric supplied to us that contains any type of flaw.  In some cases, we may not even see any issue with the fabric until the bedding item is produced and ready to ship.